When and How Do You Apply?

The Homeowners' Tax Credit is not automatically granted and each person must apply and disclose his or her income. You must apply every year by no later than September 1 on a standard application supplied by the Department of Assessments and Taxation. However, it is to your advantage to submit the application by May 1 so that any credit due you can be deducted beforehand from the initial July tax bill.

An application is routinely sent to homeowners who were recipients of a tax credit in the previous year. Applications are available as of February each year at the local assessment offices. You can download the application from our web site.

HTC Application

Once completed, applications should be mailed to:

State Department of Assessments & Taxation
Homeowners' Tax Credit Program 301 W. Preston Street, Room 900
Baltimore, Md. 21201-2395


Tax Time

Flyer of income tax time